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Bali Quad Discovery Tours

Want to try and experience highly adventurous with special 4-wheel ATV to explore a rural hamlets or using Inflatable Tube to discover a hidden canyon of Bali?. Bali Quad Discovery Tours wants you to share our feeling as to be a part of the “Island of the Gods”. The best way to find out what Bali is all about is to go on a tour.

Bali Quad Discovery Tours will bring you to a place where other people don't go, and by letting you drive your own 4-wheel motorbike or even ride canyon inflatable tube, you can explore this unspoiled, authentic part of Bali in a very adventurous way. And you will see that this combination gives you an unforgettable memory of your holiday to Bali.

About Bali Quad Discovery Tours
Bali has much more than what we can imagine and for the people who want to experience what Bali is really like, Bali Quad Discovery have developed some unique off road adventure tours with quad bikes and buggy (ATV’s) four wheel drive motorcycles through a very authentic part of the island. The tours combine a great experience of driving your own powerful off road 4-wheel motorcycle (or enjoying the ride while comfortably sitting on the back of the bike) with the opportunity to learn about the way the local people live. You will follow experienced guides by driving between beautiful rice fields, pass the rain forest, and drive up the mountain and cross some riverbeds. It doesn’t matter if you have ever driven a quad bike or buggy before, as the bikes are user friendly, and everybody will get a detailed instruction and practice on the spot before we start the tours. For those who like water adventure, Bali Quad Discovery has Canyon Tubing Adventure which provides you inflatable tube with EEC standard safety to drift down the exciting river stream.

We Drive You into The Heart of Bali
What makes our tour unique is the fact that we reach the most hidden spots on the island, where we meet the friendly local people, and we mostly use small tracks which are also used by them. To ensure that we don’t disturb the environment, and to give all our participants a maximum of assistance and service, we normally drive with small groups with a maximum of 6 bikes only. All of our tours are accompanied by two experienced, English speaking guides. If we have people joining with very different skills, we will split up in different groups, to make sure that everybody can enjoy in his own way. Therefore, our tours are suitable for all ages, as long as you are in a good physical shape.


Bali Quad and Buggy Discovery Tours is located near Payangan, one of the oldest mountain villages of Bali. Only 15 km south of Kintamani, on the slopes of the mount Batur, and next to the Ayung river valley, it offers some views beyond description of emerald green rice fields on the steep Ayung slopes. This part of Bali is probably one of the most preserved parts of the island.

Only one hour driving from all main tourist destinations, but yet so pure and authentic, and not yet touched by the influence of tourism. In the area one can find some of the most beautiful sawah (rice fields) on the island, without the presence of many tourists, as you will find in other parts of the island. The area here is famous for its salak fruit, or the so called “snake fruit” (this as the skin resembles the skin of a snake). Snake fruit can only be found in a few places in the world, besides in Indonesia also in Malaysia and Thailand. Aficionados of the salak claim that those grown in Bali are the best found anywhere in Asia. The flavor of a ripe salak is intriguing, neither sweet nor sour, faintly nutty, with an excellent crisp texture.  Also many palm trees can be found in the area around Payangan. The cocos palm is being used for lots of different purposes. The strong wood serves as a construction material, the leaves are used for doormats and baskets, and furthermore the cocos palm delivers cocos milk and cocos oil.

Besides this vegetation, a wide selection of different fruits and vegetables grow without difficulty in the fertile lava soil, and are mainly used for own purpose by the local people, or traded on the local market. While driving through the forest, our Quad Discovery Tour makes a stop at a traditional house, where the people live without any modern comfort, but all different kinds of fruits and vegetables, as well as herbs and plants for medical purpose, grow richly around the house. The people are completely self supplying. The guests can see all different kinds of plants and trees, like rambutan, papaya, jack fruit, coffee, avocado etc. etc, and taste local coffee, prepared on a fire (with aqua) and salak fruit. During the tour, the guests will pass various temples, that truly contribute to the saying ”island of thousand temples”, as temples can be found everywhere in this area.

The length of the tour is approx. 18km, driven in 2 hours. After the tour, an extended lunch buffet is served in the restaurant.

Let's discover the real Bali in an exciting and unique way!

Bali Canyon Tubing Adventure, the only adventure that brings you so close to the unspoiled nature of Bali! Drift down the exciting Siap Stream in Payangan area in your own inflatable and discover so many different species of plants and animals. It's a big change that you spot a group of monkeys playing in the surrounding forests or see some rare species of birds. You will be amazed how many different kinds of plants and flowers grow down the canyon. Bali Tubing Adventures made access to a hidden canyon in the north of Payangan, through which a crystal clear stream flows. It’s one of the few forgotten places in Bali, where you still can find untouched flora and fauna. Now you are able to experience this tremendous adventure by floating down the canyon.

After arriving in starting point, our professional guides will give you detailed safety instructions for tubing and Fox flying. From there, our special Off Road car will transport you to the slope of the Canyon, and after a short descend into the Canyon, your great adventure begins!.

At some places, the small but active Siap River makes it too difficult for you to stay in your own tube. There we made constructions called Flying Fox, that will enable you to actually fly through the canyon. For those who find these flying experiences too exciting, we simultaneously constructed wooden footpaths pass the obstacles. So whether you come with your friends or your family, everybody will enjoy this great adventure.

Let's Float, Fly and Have Lots of Fun

Combination Challenges Package

Bali Quad Discovery combined with Rafting.
For the guests who just want more and more, for them we developed some bigger challenges. If you are really planning for a full day of unforgettable activities in Bali, and you’re not afraid of lots of water, you should join us on this top of the line tour. In the morning or afternoon depending on the schedule you will join the exclusive quad tour, while driving your own 4-wheel motorcycle. At noon we serve you an extensive hot lunch buffet in the restaurant. There upon we bring you to the Ayung river (Telaga Waja river on request) for your second adventure. The river, that twists through the landscape like a snake shows us some astonishing views. The professionally trained guides take care of your safety while you explore the beauty of the island of Bali in a trilling 2 hours of descending the river After arrival at ending point, after taking a refreshing shower, have some relaxing time in restaurant, while enjoying your second lunch buffet of the day.

Bali Quad Discovery Combined with Elephant Safari Park Taro.
Experience some unique adventures in one day with your family. After your finished ATV's or Canyon Tubing adventure, we will take you and your family to the Elephant Safari Park in Taro. Nowhere else you will find a place like the Elephant Park in Taro, where a herd of 27 Sumatran Elephants is gathered and well-taken cared of. Have a look at the Elephant museum, go with your kids for a ride on the back of an elephant during a 35 minutes safari ride tour, enjoy the elephant show or just relax at this beautiful maintained park.

What to Bring:
  • For The Quad and Buggy Tours
    You need solid shoes, a pair of extra clothes, sun screen and sun glasses.
  • For The Tubing Adventure
    We recommend shorts or swimming suit, t-shirt, sport or river (no heels), some extra clothes.
  • And, most important, don’t forget to bring an adventurous spirit!.
Pick Up Schedule for Quad, Buggy and Tubing:

 Area  Early Bird
 Morning  Afternoon (Q/B only)
 Nusa Dua
 07.00-07.15  09.30-09.45  12.00-12.15
 Kuta  07.00-07.15  09.30-09.45  12.00-12.15
 Sanur  07.30-07.45  10.00-10.15  12.30-12.45
 Ubud  08.00-08.15  10.30-10.45  13.00-13.15
Note : for afternoon (Q/B only) applicable only for Quad and Buggy Driving.

Pick Up Schedule for Combination Challenges Packages:

 Area  Early Bird  Morning
 Nusa Dua
 07.00-07.15  09.00-09.15
 Kuta  07.00-07.15  09.00-09.15
 Sanur  07.30-07.45  09.30-09.45
 Ubud  08.00-08.15  09.45-10.00


Buggy or Quad Driving
Buggy or Quad Driving Adult Tandem
Buggy  or Quad driving for 2 adults based on 1 Buggy or Quad share with 2 people
Buggy or Quad Driving Tandem with Child
Buggy or Quad for 1 Adult + 1 Child based on 1 Buggy  or Quad share with 2 people
Buggy or Quad Driving + Tubing Adventure
Buggy or Quad Driving + Tubing Adult Tandem
For 2 Adults based on 1 Quad/Buggy share with 2 people and each person 1 Tube
Buggy or Quad Driving + Tubing Tandem with Child
For 1 Adult + 1 Child based on 1 Quad/Buggy share with 2 person and each person 1 Tube
Buggy or Quad Driving + Rafting
Buggy or Quad Driving + Rafting Adult Tandem
For 2 Adults based on 1 Buggy + Quad share with 2 person + Rafting
Buggy or Quad Driving+ Rafting Tandem with Child
For 1 Adults + 1 Child based on 1 Buggy + Quad share with 2 people + Rafting
Buggy + Elephant Safari Taro
Buggy + Elephant Safari Taro Adult Tandem
For 2 Adults based on 1 Buggy share with 2 people + Elephant Safari Taro
Buggy + Elephant Safari Taro Tandem with Child
For 1 Adult + 1 Child based on 1 Buggy share with 2 people + Elephant Safari Taro
Tubing Adventure
Tubing + Elephant Safari Taro

Rates Include:
  • Air conditioned return transfers
  • Driving instruction lesson / safety and paddling techniques instruction for rafting (in accordance with adventure specified)
  • Welcome drink, coffee, tea and snack, hot buffet lunch, juice, shower with hot water, changing room for men and women with lockers
  • Driving your own Buggy / ATV / Tubing / use of first class rafting equipment (in accordance with adventure specified)
  • $US 50.000 personal insurance
  • Rates are quoted per person for minimum of 2 persons
  • Single traveler will be at additional cost of USD 10.00

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